Budcast #5: Introducing New Dog

In Budcast #5, we meet my new Seeing Eye dog, Leno. I’m just starting in-home training, and this is my third guide, though my first with home placement. Alena adds some variety to the proceedings, of course. Work begins in ernest in the morning. While I won’t be able to do podcasts of the actual training, I hope I can post my thoughts and impressions of training, either as podcasts or just text entries. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

One thought on “Budcast #5: Introducing New Dog

  1. Graham says:

    Hey Buddy – thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! My daughter listened with me, and it was a good learning experience for her too. Alena’s so sociable!

    Sounds like another great dog too. Good luck with the learning process and with your working relationship!

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