BudCast #2: Alena Drops the Puck

In this edition of the BudCast, join us as we venture across the Erie Civic Center and Alena drops the puck at the Erie Otters hockey game on Saturday, March 13. We were able to participate in this event because the game also was a fundraiser for the Lemieux Family Center, a facility where Alena spent a lot of time in 2007 and 2008 from complications after her brain surgery. Thanks for having us out, guys!

BudCast #1: Intro and IBill Review

In this,my first podcast (that I’m posting,not that I’ve been on),I introduce myself and my family,talk a little about what we might be doing here,and review the IBill from Orbit Research. Podcasts will be posted somewhat irregularly, and I’ll do pretty much anything from technology reviews to sound seeing things with my family and friends. Feel free to Email me with any suggestions, ideas, or whatever. Thanks for stopping by!