A Wasted Saturday Of Overwhelm

It’s amazing how doing nothing can wear you out.

I can’t even blame the past week of having visitors staying with us, because when our friends Brian and Melanie come to visit from Canada with our 21-month-old godson, we always have a fantastic time. They’ve really become extended family. They went home yesterday, and while the house is quieter now and it’s great to be back in our usual routine (whatever that is), they aren’t the reason for a wasted Saturday.

No, I just had everything I have to do catch up to me. I have a zillion things that need done with my work with IAADP. The president of the organization called me today and we discussed what needed done and which of those things needed to be priorities and done now, and which things can be done later. Of course, lots of them need done now rather than later. The helpful Email summarizing our conversation amped up the stress a bit more.

Then, there’s the stamp for another organization. I forgot all about it. Fortunately, I think I got that out of the way and it can be ordered and set up to not be all crappy looking or something.

Everything just caught up to me today, I guess. So about four this afternoon, I went to have a little lie down. Five hours later, I woke up again. An had to feed critters. What a waste. Hopefully tomorrow is more productive.

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